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ActivArmor is a 3D printed immobilization device. It is custom fit and designed made from 100% bio-compatible ABS plastic for a breathable, waterproof, hygienic alternative to traditional casting and splinting.   It allows for post-surgical observation, monitoring and treatment of the wound or skin. The custom design gives clinicians the ability to immobilize or expose ANY specific area, which is not possible with prefabricated devices.

What is ActivArmor SA?


What are the benefits to the patient?

  • Covered by Medical Aids

  • Water submersible (swim/bath/shower)

  • Comfortable

  • Hygienic

  • Ventilated

  • Lightweight

  • Less disruption to lifestyle



 What are the benefits to the doctor?

  • Revenue Generator

  • Improves post-surgical monitoring

  • Adjustments can be made for swelling/treatment changes

  • Fewer patient complaints and comebacks

  • Improved patient compliance

  • Less skin and wound complications

  • No inventory required

price tag.png

 What does it Cost?

ActivArmor products are not sold directly to the patient.  Your physician/orthotist will bill you accordingly.  The majority of medical aids cover ActivArmor SA products.  A list of pre-approved medical aids is available on our website.  Pricing starts from R3000 for a standard option cast. 


 What are the cast options?

ActivArmor SA allows you to flaunt your cast in any colour you want!  

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