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Frequently Asked Questions:

What does it cost?

 ActivArmor SA products are not sold directly to the patient.  Your physician/orthotist will bill you accordingly.  The majority of medical aids cover ActivArmor SA products.  A list of pre-approved medical aids is available on our website.  Pricing starts from R3000 for a standard option cast. 

Is ActivArmor SA Adjustable for Swelling?

ActivArmor SA devices are custom-fit, but also adjustable, and can accommodate swelling. ActivArmor SA can reduce the risk of compartment syndrome, because (unlike traditional casts), swelling is instantly visible and easily accommodated for!

Is ActivArmor SA Safe and Skin Friendly?

ActivArmor SA is biocompatible and made from 100% ABS plastic to provide a hygienic, breathable, safe casting/splinting alternative.

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