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ActivArmor is a 3D printed cast or splint. It is custom fit and designed made from 100%

bio-compatible ABS plastic for a breathable, waterproof, hygienic alternative to traditional casting and splinting.   It allows for observation, monitoring and treatment of the wound or skin after the surgery. The custom design gives your physician the ability to immobilize or expose ANY specific area, which is not possible with prefabricated casts or splints.

What is ActivArmor SA?

Custom Fabricated

A 3D body image scan is taken and a custom brace is made specifically for your unique anatomy, injury, condition and lifestyle.  The exact fit allows the limb to remain in the desired position for optimal rest and healing.

Fixed or Removable

ActivArmor SA can be locked on like a cast or can be easily removable like a splint or both, per doctor’s orders.

Great for Kids

Kids love the colorful options and comfort. It’s breathable and does not trap bacteria. They can play, do sports and remain active like before.


Shower, bathe, wash hair or swim as you normally would. Easy to clean dirt, sweat and grime.

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